Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh, The Ever Changing Friends

I have been looking at this website called, and basicly what it's about is these artists came together and came up with these assignments and people all over the world did these assignments and posted them to this website. A lot of the work was also presented in variousmpresentations. I was looking at some of the assignments and wished I would have known about it while it was still up and running. Some of the assignments were things like draw a scene from a movie that made you cry, take a flah picture of under your bed, take a picture of two strangers holding hands, and photograph a significant outfit in your life. While reading and looking at all these different assignments submitted by people all around the world one assignment really popped out at me. It was write down a phone call you wish you could have. The specific details were:
 Using a black pen, draw a picture of your cell phone. Be very precise and make your phone look as realistic as possible, you can trace the shape of the phone if you want. Please make your drawing by hand, not with a computer. In the window where the caller name appears, write the name of the person who you wish would call you. If you have to, use a fake name. Don't draw anything except the phone, leave the rest of the paper blank. In a separate email document, type the conversation you wish you could have with this person. Use dialogue format, for example:  Me: Hello?  Mark Adams: Hi, it's Mark. Mark Adams.  Me: Oh. God. It's you. I think about you every day.  etc...  So this one I really wanted to do. I recently had a friend who has changed very much. We used to be very close and are not any more. I'm lucky to talk to him once every six months or so. So here goes...  
(i'm not an artist lol)
Me: hello
Him: Hey Chelsea Ahsue!
Me: You mean Angllin right?
Him: what ever how are you?
Me: I'm good, haven't talked to you in forever
Him: I know, when ever i text you it's just to tell you that I'm bed surfing with a bunch of different girls.
Me: yeah I've noticed. why don't we talk like we used to? and even when you do text me it's only one or two times then you disappear.
Him: Yeah I know.
Me: Why do you do that? I miss our friendship. You have changed so much and I don't know if it's for the better. You seem so concerned whith what people think about you. Now all you talk about is how much girls love you. it's kind of weird.
Him: It is weird. You've changed too you know.
Me: I know I've changed. change is unavoidable. I'm just worried about you. Wish we could talk like we used to. You know, about things that matter not just your sex life. We used to talk about music and our dreams and goals.
Him: I gotta go I'll talk to you some other time.
Me: Ok, take care of yourself.
Him: bye
Me: bye
Wow that actually felt really good. Now comes the hard part and posting it for all to read. I only have two followers along with myself haha so it shouldn't be that bad. Maybe I'll get more. So I really encourage everyone to check out the website it's very inspiring. I think I'll go and try to complete a lot more of the assignments. Here is the link Well later!


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