Friday, February 4, 2011

Everyone needs a hero...

Tonight my boyfriend and I rummaged through his comic book collection. If you don't know, I happen to be a comic book geek. From the time my dad fisrt introduced me to the comic book world in eighth grade til this very moment that I am writing this blog I have loved reading comics. Jake (my boyfriend) and I talked about the art and the worth and history of his comics. Then I just kept going. It took me a while to notice that he was pretty much done with the hero talk. But I can go on for hours.
So why blog about my love for comic books one might ask.
My answer is very simple and very short. BECAUSE I CAN HAHAHAHA.
But other than just having the capability and resources I think a big reason for me to get this passion for comic books out  is simply because I think everyone needs a hero. Comics provides some sort of a hero for everyone.
And each and everyone of those heroes has a fault. They are fallible and I think that's what is very important. While each individual hero is fighting to uphold good and defeat evil you get to witness the personal battle that they have with in themselves. Struggling with their own humanity and forced to make choices. Some of them right some of them wrong.
And at the end of a long hard day where nothing is certain. You can always count on good to win and evil to lose.

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  1. That's why Batman is my all-time fave. Especially Frank Miller Batman. :)